My Instruments


Soprano and Alto Chalumeau (after Denner) and Tenor Chalumeau (after Kress) by Brian Ackermann


5-key clarinet after Lotz (Vienna, 1780)

10-key clarinets in A/Bb/C after H. Grenser (Dresden, 1810)

Bassett Horn in F after Lotz (Vienna, 1780)


Muller system clarinet in C, boxwood (France, c.1850)

13-Key German type in C/Bb/A, C. Krupse (Erfurt, c.1875)

14-key German system in Bb/A (Germany, c.1895)

Bass clarinet in Bb to low D, Lange (Wiesbaden, c.1900)

Albert system in Bb/A, E. J. Albert (Brussels, c.1920)

Albert system in Eb, Boosey & Hawkes (London, c.1933)

Boehm System in Bb by Buffet Crampon & Co, c.1886

Boehm System in Bb/A by Louis of Chelsea, c. 1925